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back from the dead

“OmG sHiNy WhErE hAvE yOu BeEn?!!?!??!!?!”

– said no one ever

That’s right boys, your friendly neighborhood bird is back in the saddle. This time, he decided to start a Poptropica blog, and as you can tell from my brilliantly designed website, I know exactly what I’m doing.

I can hear some of you thinking “WhY dOeS yOuR wEbSiTe DoMaIn HaVe tO bE So CoMpLiCaTeD? shinybirdspoptropicablog.BUSINESS.BLOG??? I MeAn, WhAt DoEs A bLog AbOuT a 12 YeAr OlD cOmPuTeR gAmE cAtErEd ToWaRdS 6-15 YeAr OlD KiDs HaVe To dO WiTh BUSINESS???” Well, you see kids, as one wise man said, “video games is all about SERIOUS BUSINESS, and deserve to be treated with RESPECT”, and an ancient kids game from the flash era with a community fanbase led primarily by college kid grown ups is NO exception.

Ok to be real, I didn’t want to invest any of my money over a simpler domain, I mean look, I’m a college student on the verge of being thousands of dollars in debt over a piece of paper because AMERICA so why spend money on that when I could just use this overly complicated one for free? And $18 a year for a .com domain??? Only responsible people could afford that, you know, people with jobs… a clear image of their future… a life–and I am NOT one of those things.

Anyways, I realize that most of the community doesn’t really know who I am, and I’d say you would be justified cause those who DO recognize me probably knows me as that one blue bird kid who left a few comments on the PHB within the span of just a few months last year and then disappeared without notice. Others may recognize me as the guy who wrote the PHB guest blog post series I made called “The Chronicles of Shiny Bird” (which I never looked at cause I’m too scared to see how it did lol). For those who don’t know me, I would suggest you to check it out cause I think it serves as a good indirect introduction as to who I am, In fact, here is the link to the original google doc to where I wrote it if you want the full, raw, and unedited version of it.

So what should you expect from this blog? High quality, garbage content. And yes, thats a paradox; english teachers, go crazy. Why did I decide to create this blog? I’m glad you asked:

  1. I’ve wasted about 7 years of my life playing this game
  2. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a community on something that I love doing (my social anxiety always gets the best of me)
  3. I need a hobby

If you took anything away from that, it’s that I am your typical socially awkward guy with no life who spends most of his time on the internet (I need friends lol). Despite this, I will do my best in being an active member of the community. And yes, I have a tendency to downplay myself a lot… Which is pretty sad now that I think about it.

“sHiNy, YoU pIcKeD a BaD TiMe To StArt A bLoG aBoUt PoPtRoPiCa–HaVe YoU sEeN tHe LaTeSt BlOg PoSt On ThE cReAtOrS bLog?!!??!??!” (I will be making a blog post about this soon) Ok smarty pants you make a good point, but hear me out: we’ll figure something out. If that doesn’t boost your confidence, I have the next few blog posts planned out as well as some things that I want to do sometime in the future, so as of right now, don’t fret.

For anyone wondering, I will be running this blog independently and will not be hiring authors. If this blog ever becomes a thing though, I might reconsider this, but in the meantime, I’m going in solo.

Also important to note: in its current state, this blog is experimental. Whether I will continue blogging will depend almost entirely on how I feel about running it; whether this blog will last one week or for years to come, only time will tell.

If you haven’t already noticed, this blog needs a serious makeover. This is the first website I’ve ever created so I am still trying to find my way around (plus i’m stuck with using the crappy free services of WordPress rip), but with time, we’ll eventually get there.

So my fellow Poptropicans, don’t forget to stay fresh, and go CRAZY out there (not too crazy though!), but most of all: keep on shining.

This is your friendly neighborhood bird signing off


– Shiny Bird 🦅

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Poptropica Username: Arbiter213

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