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one month anniversary/unnamed story pt. 0.5

one month anniversaryyyyyyyyy! Pogs in the chat boys. I got a notification on March 9th from WordPress telling me that last month on February 9th, 2020 I made, and I quote, “one of the greatest decisions of my life” and officially launched this website on public domain. If I’m being honest with you, I stillContinue reading “one month anniversary/unnamed story pt. 0.5”

some (potential) unnamed story part 0

Yooooooo how’s it going my fellow Poptropicans? It’s me again, this time I’m back with something a little different… You know how I mentioned a couple of times before that I have a few alternate accounts? Back when I actually cared about them, I played on them obsessively (especially on Mighty Sky). One of theContinue reading “some (potential) unnamed story part 0”

the magic cloud rider is broken

yoooooooo what’s up Poptropicans, it’s everyone’s favorite bird–back at it again in another round of “How Long Before I Run Out Of Things To Talk About On Poptropica!” Like guys, it is a lot harder than it looks coming up with ideas especially in these dark ages. Y’know, I could just be that guy whoContinue reading “the magic cloud rider is broken”

my community creations submission (Feb, 2020)

yooooooooo, It’s me again, this time with a shorter blog post. As most of you know, our friends over at the PHB are hosting their traditional monthly ‘Community Creations’ yet again! I’ve never really payed much attention to these posts, but this month’s theme is memes so I just HAD to participate. I decided toContinue reading “my community creations submission (Feb, 2020)”

The (Near) future of Poptropica: “State of the Game” Analysis

Yoooooo it’s me again, not even 24 hours after my first blog post. “sHiNy, DoN’t YoU hAvE aNyThInG bEtTeR tO dO I ThOuGhT yOu WeRe A bUsY mAn In CoLlEgE?!?!!!??” Ok first off: no. Second of all: yes I’m in college, but as of my schedule right now I have too much time on myContinue reading “The (Near) future of Poptropica: “State of the Game” Analysis”