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one month anniversary/unnamed story pt. 0.5

one month anniversaryyyyyyyyy!

Pogs in the chat boys.

I got a notification on March 9th from WordPress telling me that last month on February 9th, 2020 I made, and I quote, “one of the greatest decisions of my life” and officially launched this website on public domain. If I’m being honest with you, I still haven’t figured out how I decided to run a blog based on a dying kids game. Sure, I still love Poptropica, but to start a blog on it? That’s too much of a responsibility! You wanna know happened the last time I was held responsible for something? One day my parents decided to buy me a Goldfish, and my job was to feed it!…








it died the next day

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some (potential) unnamed story part 0

Yooooooo how’s it going my fellow Poptropicans? It’s me again, this time I’m back with something a little different…

You know how I mentioned a couple of times before that I have a few alternate accounts? Back when I actually cared about them, I played on them obsessively (especially on Mighty Sky). One of the of the things I liked doing with them was to create a lot of costumes. I thought of each of these costumes as different characters, and I had this tradition to come up with a backstory for every one of them. I usually kept it short, restricting it to only one paragraph, but for two of these characters I decided to expand just a little bit more on them.

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the magic cloud rider is broken

yoooooooo what’s up Poptropicans, it’s everyone’s favorite bird–back at it again in another round of “How Long Before I Run Out Of Things To Talk About On Poptropica!” Like guys, it is a lot harder than it looks coming up with ideas especially in these dark ages. Y’know, I could just be that guy who simply keeps you up to date on the latest things on Poptropica but nononono you see, when I first created this blog, I for once stopped to reflect on the fact that there is already a very particular well-established blog about Poptropica which already does that! If I want stonks, I had to get tactical about what I’m going to do for this blog, so I thought: hmmmmmm, if I want people to come to my blog, then I have to give them something that’s different, and unique; not something that they can already get somewhere else! Word of advice to those thinking of starting a blog (whether it be Poptropica or not): if you want to stand out, try coming up with things that people haven’t written about yet. If you are inspired

Sorry, that was a bit weird on my part, usually my ramblings in the beginning are a little more… unique (to put it lightly lol). But enough of that–this post is going to be a really long one; if you thought the “my realm tour” post was long, then you’d better get some G-fuel circulating in your system because this one’s going to be about four times as long. I even fell asleep last night trying to re-read this post lol. Without further ado: let’s get into the post!

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my community creations submission (Feb, 2020)

yooooooooo, It’s me again, this time with a shorter blog post. As most of you know, our friends over at the PHB are hosting their traditional monthly ‘Community Creations’ yet again! I’ve never really payed much attention to these posts, but this month’s theme is memes so I just HAD to participate. I decided to make a video for this, and it took ages to create. I’ve never made a video before, so I had to figure out what free programs to download and use without accidentally installing any viruses. Yeaaaah it was torture, but in the end I managed to do it and I am pretty proud of how it turned out (plus I now know how to make videos for this blog if I ever need to so yeet).

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my realm tour

ayeeee you’re friendly neighborhood bird is back aka the only Poptropican to wear a coat, over his coat. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

For the past week I’ve been sick and let me tell you it was not fun. I’m sitting in class with boogers dripping from my nose and coughing every 3 seconds with one nostril closed up (I mean, like, how does that happen???) and whenever I breathe it sounds like i’m gasping for air and sometimes it even makes this weird whistling noise. The people sitting next to me were visibly uncomfortable and I think one of them even moved because of me; even the people from across the room looked at me like I was a dying animal. It was all a nightmare–I was barely able to keep myself awake during class. You’d think after a few days it would all go away right? WRONG. The day after things were looking better, I got an ear infection. Now let me tell you a bit about how that sounds like:


You hear that? That’s the sound of my ears ringing. Like omg somebody make it stop–please help–END MY SUFFERING

Luckily that only lasted a day and as of writing this I am feeling much better so yeet.

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The (Near) future of Poptropica: “State of the Game” Analysis

Yoooooo it’s me again, not even 24 hours after my first blog post. “sHiNy, DoN’t YoU hAvE aNyThInG bEtTeR tO dO I ThOuGhT yOu WeRe A bUsY mAn In CoLlEgE?!?!!!??” Ok first off: no. Second of all: yes I’m in college, but as of my schedule right now I have too much time on my hands and usually when that happens I sit alone in my dorm room staring into the darkness of space while everyone else is in a place called outside hanging out with their friends and having fun. I mean, c’mon, doing that first part is hard enough, but having friends??? That’s like a mastery skill level on it’s own. Every time I try and talk to someone, I hear myself and think “bruh, that’s how I sound like?” You know that meme where it goes “how you think your voice sounds” and it shows a picture of Spongebob looking all fancy and then it goes “how your voice sounds on camera” and then it shows Spongebob looking all savage in a caveman outfit? THAT’S how I always feel when I talk. Then you put social anxiety and the lack of having something interesting to say into the mix, now THAT’S a recipe for disaster.

Ok I’m getting a little off topic, lets get into the actual post.

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