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my realm tour

ayeeee you’re friendly neighborhood bird is back aka the only Poptropican to wear a coat, over his coat. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

For the past week I’ve been sick and let me tell you it was not fun. I’m sitting in class with boogers dripping from my nose and coughing every 3 seconds with one nostril closed up (I mean, like, how does that happen???) and whenever I breathe it sounds like i’m gasping for air and sometimes it even makes this weird whistling noise. The people sitting next to me were visibly uncomfortable and I think one of them even moved because of me; even the people from across the room looked at me like I was a dying animal. It was all a nightmare–I was barely able to keep myself awake during class. You’d think after a few days it would all go away right? WRONG. The day after things were looking better, I got an ear infection. Now let me tell you a bit about how that sounds like:


You hear that? That’s the sound of my ears ringing. Like omg somebody make it stop–please help–END MY SUFFERING

Luckily that only lasted a day and as of writing this I am feeling much better so yeet.

After rereading my first two blog posts (especially that first one), I realized that I should’ve made it more clear that most of what I say is satire and should not be taken seriously. My sense of humor largely revolves around sarcasm and it wasn’t up until now when I truly understood the meaning of when people say it’s really hard to detect sarcasm through text versus in real life. So if you were thinking “OmG No WaY hE AcTuAlLy sAiD ThAt? tHiS gUy iS eViL! BEGONE UNHOLY DEMON–*Unsubscribe.* I hope we can now come to an understanding with each other, capeesh?

If you guys don’t like my rambling in the beginning of each post let me know in the comments and I promise I won’t do it again lol (don’t worry, I’ll only cry about it I don’t bite). Also, this will be an extremely long post (especially for a blog) so idk grab some snacks, some popcorn, pop open a drink and lets get into it.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve last visited Poptropica Realms. I only ever played in it a couple of times, but in those few times, I spent countless hours working on this one very large-scaled house. Before we get into the tour, here’s a bit of backstory/poptropica history on my realm for you guys:

In its the early days, Poptropica Realms was once known as Poptropica Land (yes it is singular I checked lol, but for this story’s purposes I will say Lands instead). In the midst of 2014 the Lands project was in alpha testing, and was made only available to members, but as October rolled in, the creators announced they would release it to the public for a few weeks in a public preview period beginning in October 16 and ending in the 30th on the same month; however, in that same post they also announced that they would be challenging all of Poptropica’s creativity in what was known as the “Best Of The Land Challenge” held within the same time frame of the public preview period (October 16th-30th). There were four themes: dream home, village, obstacle course, and haunted. Each theme had a specific time frame in which players could submit their land to the developers. Winners in each themes would get featured in the Creators’ Blog along with clout and bragging rights. Ok they didn’t mention that last part but for 13 year old me, that’s what was on the line.

Upon hearing this news, I knew I had to participate. I ended up choosing to focus all of my power and creativity on the dream home theme and nothing else. If you read the links, you’d know that this would come with some serious limitations. Dream home submissions would only be accepted between October 16-19. October 16 was the same day Land released to the public which means I had only three days starting from scratch to finish my creation. What was more limiting was the fact that I had school on 2 out of those 3 days and it was forbidden for me to be caught playing on the computer without finishing my homework. Also back in the day I was all goody two shoes, so I worked hard in order to play hard. Alas, when the time came, I spent all of my free time constructing this one house. I worked late into the night, pouring all of my heart and soul into this one build. I spent all of the 19th perfecting it to the best of my ability, and before the clock struck twelve, I made my submission.

BUT IT WAS ALL IN VEIN. I didn’t even get mentioned on the blog and I was completely floored by it. I was even more discouraged by the fact that once the public release time frame was finished, there was no way for me to access my build again. Additionally, once the alpha testing release was finished, all players’ Lands files (at the time, a player’s land was saved via a download on your computer) would be rendered obsolete, meaning no one could access their builds after this. In an effort to preserve my creation, I took pictures of my Land before the public preview ended. I took one last tour of my house, and said goodbye to all of my hard work.

3 months later…

In the beginning of January of 2015, Poptropica renamed Lands to Realms, and later that same month was the grand opening release of Poptropica Realms!… For members only…

One day later…

Oh, it’s open to everyone now?

Upon reading the news I instantly hopped on to Poptropica to check out the new and improved sandbox mode. As it turned out… There’s a leveling system. I spent much of the next few days mining as much Poptanium as I could; However, days turned to weeks. I cleared much of the natural terrain of Asgard (aka the realm you start in) and eventually, I CLEARED IT ALL OF ITS NATURAL RESOURCES (the front layer only, and if you don’t believe me, here’s a link to an album on Imgur I spent 3 hours putting together just to prove it). None of you can even begin to fathom the full scale of this project; like guys, global warming was rising in levels never before seen in the history of Poptropica–IT WAS THAT DEVASTATING. Eventually, I got to level 15 (level in which you unlocked the master creator outfit and all building materials) but I continued to mine for Poptanium on a different realm so that I could prepare for my next big project:

Rebuild my dream home

A build which I worked so hard on and was so proud of was taken away from me just like that, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from rebuilding its legacy. Since I had taken pictures of my original dream home (which, as of today, have been lost to time) that meant I had a blueprint–the key to its restoration and this whole project. I eventually started the project, and within a week, the house had been rebuilt. Rebuilt in its original form along with a few modifications; a job well done. To celebrate, I simply gave myself a pat on the back. I had finally filled in the void created on that one fateful day three months ago. It was then, that I moved on.

Fast forward 3 years later (2018) Poptropica Realms went down (I couldn’t find any sources about this other than this one that briefly mentions it a few months later). But no worries it was all just a minor inconvenience–it only took them about ohhh i don’t know ALMOST A FULL YEAR before it was FINALLY fixed.

When Realms came back up I decided to give my house a little makeover and add a few things along the way other than the house which is where my realm is today. Now enough backstories, If you’re lazy like me and don’t want to read the rest of this overly-extensive post and want to tour the house yourself, the realm code for it is 3bzr4 with name “Starlandia” and be sure to follow the signs that point to the right and you should be able to find my house a few scenes later. If you’re still reading though, let me show you around!

When you first enter my realm, you’ll find yourself in this garbage

When I tried finding a place to build my home I didn’t take into account the original spawn point because I’m an AMATEUR. It isn’t that far away though, you’ll only have to travel a couple of scenes to the right (as I’ve come to find out, this is really bad because the average attention span of the average human today is only 8 seconds rip). Once you’ve made it far enough, you will encounter this:

And now… a change in narration… *AHEM*

Welcome, traveler! You’ve come a long way! You must be tired. Come, come! Follow me to my home and I’ll get you fixed up; then I could show you around! Oh, and feel free to take some poptanium on the way!

Come on now, we’re almost there! and don’t mind the roses! They’re here to keep the place smelling nice!

Ok I’m just now realizing that talking in that narration voice makes me want to die inside, so from this point on, I’m sticking with being like thisBrace yourselves.

You know how I said earlier to not mind the roses? Well guess what, you better watch where you’re going because I hear those thorns are poisonous, and I think there’s even a bit of poison ivy somewhere. The last guy that tried coming through here didn’t even make it past this first part; I think he even somehow got lost cause when I tried looking for him he was nowhere to be found. He might even still be around idk, so watch yourself out there.

Oh wow, you survived that? Well that’s one less victim of the walkway. This is the front porch; Great view, right? I should also tell you this is where questionable things happen. What do I mean by that? I’ll tell you later.

This here is a pointless little room. I had no idea what to do with this extra space when I first built this house so I just decided to decorate it a little and call it a day. And you see that camera? Pretty cool huh? I take it out to the front porch and use it to spy on my neighbors

Moving onto the next room, we have a little storage area. It is a rather strange decision to put a storage room near the entrance of a house, but I put it here because that’s the first thing you see when you enter my first irl house. As you can see I have a bit of a spider infestation going with cobwebs everywhere. Also yes, that’s my bicycle–what’s that doing in here? Well I’m too lazy to get up from my bed, go outside, and use it… I don’t even remember the last time I went outside lol

And now, for our next room…

The next room is in a different scene behind this door which is why I put this image here

ahhh yes, the living room. The perfect place to hang out. A nice crystal glass fan to keep the place cool. An unusual combination of popcorn and milk on the table… This room also brings back some wonderful memories living with my siblings. Fighting over the remote? Well you’re in luck! In here there’s two TV remotes to fight over. Want things to get even more heated? Start a fire! There’s a fireplace for that. Also be sure to get up early to reserve your spot on the couch before your siblings do!

Next, let’s go up the stairs!

wow, innovation!

This is the upstairs hallway! Not much to say here. But there’s some books to occupy yourself. A couple of decorative flowers. And a conspicuously placed door where I hide my dunge–I mean, wow! Those yellow lights really warm the atmosphere!

Let’s head on over to the door on the left end of the room…

Welcome to my room! The place where I spend most of my time in. Here I have a TV, some books (which I never read lol), a dresser to organize my clothes in, a computer that I use mostly to play video games in a video game . Climb up the ladder and walk through the glass door (yes, you can literally walk through glass) to see the balcony! Its a great view from up here! Go down the ladder and you end up in my personal man cave. It includes a nice comfortable sofa, a radio that I use blast some music (idk what kind of garbage kids are listening to these days, but this is real music), a small table, and my secret stash tucked away in the back corner.

Now let’s go back out in the hallway! This time well check out whats behind the door on the right end of the room!

This is my sister’s room! I don’t actually have a sister, but I’m just going to pretend for a moment that I do so I don’t feel as lonely. The room is lit up by some elegant hanging lights, it is decorated with a dresser, a desk with a mirror, a little chest, and on the other end of the room, a mini dance studio.

There is another room on the right side, but before we get into that, let’s head upstairs in the third floor attic!

Not much is in this little space, but are quite a few plants. Flowers hang from the ceiling, cactus on the shelf, a couple of bushes, and a few grow lights to keep the room and the plants at a consistent temperature. There’s nothing to worry about in this room, other than the fact that it breaks safety regulations by having a giant hole in the middle of the room to make room for the stairs and that is a reeeeeeally long way down, so be careful!

Going off to the right, you’ll find another room. Here is just another storage area. There’s cobwebs and dust everywhere!

Let’s go back and check out the right side of the attic!

This is my parent’s bedroom. I don’t know where they are; my mom said she was going to be visiting a friend I’ve never met from across the country!… That was 3 years ago. And my dad went to the grocery store to get some milk. And here I am 12 years later! I’m still waiting on him; he told me there was a lot of traffic, but I’m sure he’ll be back soon! In here we have a couple of dressers, a small closet, a sewing machine, a safe, and a lounge chair to sit back, enjoy the view of the skies, and to give your skin excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays!

Now to go back downstairs to check out the room behind my sister’s bedroom!

What we have here is an indoor parkour course! Now I don’t exercise, so I broke one of my legs attempting that first part, but maybe you could too!… wait, that didn’t sound right–The course extends up until the next scene on the right, where the finish flag post is. If you fall, you have to start all over. If I’m being honest though, it’s a pretty hard course to complete; It can be really annoying especially if you glitch through the roof, and I’ve only ever done it once with an outstanding time of 29 minutes and 46 seconds, but if you’re a daredevil looking for a brutal and unfair challenge, be my guest!

Let’s go check out the next scene!

This is the the end of the parkour course! I’d be pretty impressed if you manage to complete it all the way through legit. In the end you’ll be greeted with some cake and a small room filled with lounge chairs to relax in to contemplate the fact that you’ve wasted all that time trying to complete the parkour course. If you want to be even more dramatic, there’s a balcony with a single chair just to your right.

Now that the second floor is finished, let’s go back to the first floor to tour the rest of the house!

Welcome to the kitchen. It’s basically everything that you would expect. Theres a microwave, a sink, an oven, a refrigerator, a table, and some food that I left out for aesthetic purposes. I don’t know how long they’ve been left out here, but judging by the giant black spot that has been growing on the burger for the past few years, I think it’s been a while. As you may have noticed, there’s also a trapdoor in the middle of the floor, so lets go see what secrets it holds!

This is the wine cellar. Some of these barrels have been aging for several centuries! At least according to the guy I bought it from; He was a little weird about it though, the dude charged me 10,000 credits per barrel! They were all pretty light, and if that wasn’t funny enough, the handles to access the wine inside were broken off! Pretty cool though! There’s also a bathroom on the far right if you want to take a dump and then ohhhh I don’t know spend another three hours inside on the phone oblivious to the fact that everyone else in the house is now panicking since they can’t hold it any longer. I actually peed myself one time because of this

And what do you know? There’s another trapdoor on the floor!

Enter the vault! Lots of poptanium around here. You can take a few; meanwhile, I’ll head back upstairs and wait for you while you’re at it because I am just that insensible of a person, that I trust you won’t steal everything from from me, right?…



Now that we’re back in the kitchen, let’s head to the scene on the right!

Welcome to the pool area! The most relaxing place to be in the house! It’s has all of your pool area essentials! From lounge chairs, a hot tub, a swimming pool, a perfect view of the outdoors, and some tables to dine on! There’s nothing bad to say here, other than the cat almost drowned in the hot tub from that one picture, so let’s continue to the right!

This here is another bathroom, conveniently located just next to the pool area. It’s also a lot nicer than the other bathroom and this one includes a mirror, It also has an excessive amount of lighting to accompany the room, enough that the wallpaper caught on fire a few months back, so not bad!

This here is a semi-outdoor dining room. If you feel like being outside, but don’t want to be outside, this here is the perfect place for you!

And now to face my fear of the outdoors! How exciting!

i think these flowers are poisonous too

Welcome to the backyard. This is where all the magic happens. As you can see theres a campfire to gather around, a table, a tree with a tire swing, and even a trampoline! But most of the fun comes from the tree. I use the cannon to harass my neighbors. One time one of the neighbors’ dogs intruded into my property without my permission, so I destroyed his entire house! After that I never my saw neighbor again, and I can’t figure out why! He’s probably too shy to leave his house; if you look closely in the distance, you can see the ruins of his home!

Now onto the next scene!

This is the outdoor pool area. A great place to spend the night! There’s a grill, plenty of outdoor lounge chairs, tables, and three diving boards. And if you’re wondering, “is highest board is safe to dive from?” No worries, I hear the water hits you like concrete at that height! So a few broken bones should get you through. If you do break any bones and need emergency assistance, don’t panic, just swim out of the pool! Then come find me by walking all the way to the other side of the house and upstairs to my room!

And now for the final scene of this tour!

This is the garage! Complete with motorcycles, and a box car! Climb up rope and you’ll find that there’s some junk stored overhead.

And looks like that’s about it! Again, if you want to visit the realm, the code is 3bzr4; you’ll know you have the right one if you see the name, “Starlandia.” I know that probably only about 5% of you actually made it this far, but those that did I salute you you have come far brave warrior. If you keep going right from the garage, there’s a couple of more scenes which is just some neighborhood scenery. I’ll post the pictures in the gallery of the entire realm below, and before I hear “OmG, ThE SiGn At ThE eNd SaY’s ThErE’s a CiTy, BuT tHeRe’S nOtHiNg HeRe WhAt A sCam REEEEEEEEEEEEEE–” I want to create a city, but the problem I have is haven’t figured out how I want to build it. The bigger reason though is that I just got burned out from all the building, so until I’m hit by some inspiring magical revelation, I’m taking a break from realms.

Before I close, I have to ask: what do you think of super long posts like this? I kind of figured since Poptropica is currently in a period where updates are small and few and far between, I thought maybe hmmmmmm, why make short, low quality posts that will barely hold up a day when I could make long, high quality posts that will last? This also helps because there are only so many topics which I could come up with to write about especially with the recent lack of updates, but let me know your opinion in the comments below! (if there’s even anyone reading this blog in the first place lol)

Also shoutout to my first follower, Quick Fang! Check out her blog over at the Poptropica Fun Blog if you want some more juicy and high quality Poptropica content. unlike the TRASH that this blog puts out

So my fellow Poptorpicans, don’t forget to stay fresh and go CRAZY out there (not too crazy, though!), but most of all: keep on shining!

This is your friendly neighborhood bird signing off


– Shiny Bird 🦅

Realm code: 3bzr4


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