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the magic cloud rider is broken

yoooooooo what’s up Poptropicans, it’s everyone’s favorite bird–back at it again in another round of “How Long Before I Run Out Of Things To Talk About On Poptropica!” Like guys, it is a lot harder than it looks coming up with ideas especially in these dark ages. Y’know, I could just be that guy who simply keeps you up to date on the latest things on Poptropica but nononono you see, when I first created this blog, I for once stopped to reflect on the fact that there is already a very particular well-established blog about Poptropica which already does that! If I want stonks, I had to get tactical about what I’m going to do for this blog, so I thought: hmmmmmm, if I want people to come to my blog, then I have to give them something that’s different, and unique; not something that they can already get somewhere else! Word of advice to those thinking of starting a blog (whether it be Poptropica or not): if you want to stand out, try coming up with things that people haven’t written about yet. If you are inspired

Sorry, that was a bit weird on my part, usually my ramblings in the beginning are a little more… unique (to put it lightly lol). But enough of that–this post is going to be a really long one; if you thought the “my realm tour” post was long, then you’d better get some G-fuel circulating in your system because this one’s going to be about four times as long. I even fell asleep last night trying to re-read this post lol. Without further ado: let’s get into the post!

Upon my (relatively) recent return to Poptropica, one of the first things I did when I came back was catch up on all of the store items and member gifts that I’ve missed using a (not-so) secret method. When I finished collecting all the items, I went ahead and checked out my inventory to see all of the new items. It was about as much as you’d expect. There were costumes here, and a few powers there; everything seemed normal. But as I kept digging, suddenly, I sensed a great disturbance in the force. I examined my inventory again, this time scouring through every nook and cranny. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it. Three words: Magic. Cloud. Rider.

“OmG sHiNy NoBoDy CaReS, jUsT tElL uS wHaT ThE dEaL iS WiTh ThIs MAGIC CLOUD RIDER.” Patience my little oval headed, barefoot, no-nosed, two-dimensional creature; We’ll get there soon enough!

At first, the thing seemed pretty normal, then I noticed its description: “soar the skies!” So I tried it out, and sure enough, I could fly anywhere around the map. So what? It’s a cool little item which lets you fly across all of Poptropica; nothing out of the ordinary, right? Well, everything seems normal, until you consider the fact that it literally lets you fly across all of Poptropica. But the developers are smart individuals with high intellect, so I’m pretty sure they would have taken the appropriate precautions to limit the use of this potentially broken item. To assure myself, I went and visited a couple of islands to see if it was disabled and–oh my goodness I still have it…

But even THAT’S not the most broken part about this thing–you see, flying is for babies. The first step is flying, but now let me show you how to unleash it in it’s full power: watch carefully, my padawan

Link if you can’t see it:

oh yeah, it’s all coming together

That’s right, you can literally PHASE THROUGH WALLS. By now, any logical person would be able to draw the conclusion that this item is basically broken. Literally no one was prepared for something as powerful as this; however, this item does have its limitations: if a wall is both solid (ceilings or platforms which you can’t jump through) AND is above your head, you can’t go through it; you can only go through solid walls/platforms that are below, to the right, and left of you; going through some in-game cutscenes as well as attempting to perform some actions/animations with this item equipped can cause the game to load forever (the only way to fix this is to quit the game and log back in); lastly, the item is sadly disabled in some areas of the game.

Now because the thing hasn’t really been tested before, I took it upon myself to replay every single island currently on Poptropica to see how much of a fair and balanced item this thing really is… Let’s begin

Right off the bat, we can get rid of all of the Mission Atlantis episodes because you’re operating a ship in 99% of the gameplay. Reality TV: Wild Safari is also out of the mix, as the cloud rider is disabled as soon as you enter the show. Poptropolis also suffers the same fate, as the cloud rider is disabled in all of the games.

With that out of the way, let’s start with our first island…

24 Carrot Island

The first unfair advantage comes just as you enter the factory…

You could be any other person and waste your time slowly making your way to the top, plus perfectly time your jumps and have to deal with a pesky rat, but with the magic cloud rider, you don’t have to do any of that! Just skip straight into the end of the scene! A demonstration, if you will… *AHEM*

Link if you can’t see the video:

In this next room, you could do the normal thing and start up the engine, use your leg muscles jumping up the various platforms, and stand for an unbearable 10 seconds waiting for the crane to come by. However, safety inspectors all around Poptropica hate this new easy new method!


Trouble navigating through the treacherous factory vent? Stress no more! With the revolutionary Magic Cloud Rider, nothing gets in your way!

Link if you can’t see the video:


“oH nOoO! I’vE tRigGeRrEd ThE sEcuRiTy SyStEm AnD nOw I’m StUcK iN tHe FaCtOrY CoNvEyOr BeLt! WhAtEvEr ShAlL i Do???” Tired of being damsel in distress? Just say the magic words!: MAGIC CLOUD RIDER.


So that’s all for 24 carrot island! I know most of the things I’ve covered so far were trivial, but I did so to demonstrate how much easier the gameplay is when you use it. Now for our next island…

Mythology Island

In Mythology Island, you’re a puny mortal surrounded by gods and creatures who sit in their thrones and do nothing but laugh at your existence. Enable the Magic Cloud Rider and who’s LAUGHING NOW?

Now that you’ve ascended into the 6th dimension, your first order of business comes from the faun you encounter in the golden apple tree. Oh what was that? I need to collect 10 honey jars scattered around the tree? Watch and learn, creature-person who uses their hair for pants


Now that you’ve been harassed by Zeus and set the fate of Poptropica in your hands, it’s time to meet the minotaur!

That’s funny, he’s a lot smaller than I remembered. Isn’t he cute? Anyway he’s doesn’t want to give up his ring until we complete his ‘labyrinth’ or whatever it is so let me check it out…

Oh it’s just a maze? Well why didn’t you just say so?


You know I think it’s time to meet Poseidon, who says that we need Hercules to clear the way? Fortunately I’m not like other guys–nonono we don’t need him. In fact, I shouldn’t have to swim and navigate through the underwater maze to just to reach him–that’s too much work for someone of my power.


Later on in the quest you meet Aeolus selling wind bags that you normally use to ascend up Mount Olympus. You want to know the crazy part about all this? He’s selling them for ONE DRACHMA. I know, even I couldn’t believe my own eyes, like what kind of person thought that starting a business based on selling wind was a good idea? That’s basically the same as taking a jar, going outside with it, open it, close it, and then selling it for the air inside. Not to mention the fact that the shop is literally located behind an inaccessible locked gate; like, where does he get his business? Is he even making any money? how does this dude survive? What a joke–what a scam–I’m out of here–get out of my sight Blue Man Group cosplayer–whoooooosh


and now, for our next island…

Escape From Pelican Rock

There’s not a lot you can break in this island due to its layout and the considerable amount of time you spend in prison. However, there is one small thing that you can take advantage of while in prison (but it’s very insignificant). While in the courtyard (during recreation), when Patches (one of the prisoners) drops his seeds to feed the birds, you have a small window of time to collect the egg in the nest before the bird finishes eating (which requires a bit of parkour); But you can easily avoid all of that jumping with the Cloud Rider: Example:


With that said, there’s nothing game-breaking that you can do for the rest of your time in prison; most of the fun comes when you escape.

Usually when you escape the prison, you have to avoid the spotlights by hiding behind the various boxes and air vents. But nonono–that’s not how we work around here. We work smart not hard. Fortunately we have the ultimate gaming chair at our disposal in the form of water vapor. So let’s just avoid the spotlights by going behind the building



as you can see in the video, if you want the best results and want to deal the maximum devastation, enable the minimizer. “sHiNy YoU iDiOt YoU MisSed OnE sCeNe ThAt CoMeS aFteR tHe FiRsT ViDeO!” Good eye! I cut it out since the Cloud Rider does not really benefit you in that part since the scene is too small for you to successfully hide under the building and avoid the spotlights. So that’s a bit unfortunate.

After getting out of the prison, you encounter a horde of cops patrolling the park, and you have find a way to sneak past them–but sneaking is not in my vocabulary; The optimal method is to FLEX on them with your clouds. Observe:


anyone else notice the same black lady in three different places at once?

Yeahhhh, a lot of people were fired that day. I should warn you of the third (top most) black lady since she’s the only one who knows what they’re doing, so you have to do some maneuvering to avoid her. The white dude left of her though may need to see an eye doctor, so don’t worry as much about him.

That’s about it for Pelican Rock! Believe me, we’re only just getting started…

Shrink Ray Island

When I came up with the idea for this blog post I was most excited to test out this island, especially for the part when you shrink…

but then this happened:



My dreams were instantly crushed. The Magic Cloud Rider is disabled in this part of the Island so I spent the next 3 hours crying on my pillow I was mortified because that meant LESS CONTENT for you guys. I decided to finish the island anyway because why not. As I continued with the island, I cried more and ended up wetting my computer but then, something happened.


That’s right baby, the Cloud Rider is available to use in every other part of the house (besides the first two that you encounter). Now to break the game some more!

Only amateurs go through the labor of climbing up to the fish tank. But with my immeasurable power, I am 4 parallel universes ahead:


Oh, the remote is all the way on top of the fridge? HA. Child’s play! Watch and learn, buckaroos


I need to collect the torn diary page located in the trash bin, but I don’t wanna spend too much time or else I’ll get all my clothes dirty… hmmmmm…

Magic Cloud Rider you dingus

Huh? Did you hear something? It’s almost as if there was a voice reminding me that I could use the–ohhhhhhhhhhhh, right.


Now to grab the piece of paper located on the far right end of the kitchen table, but it’s out of reach! This part is supposed to be a puzzle. You have to find your way up to the vinegar, tip it over so it leaks on the floor, reposition the cat bowl,–yada yada. At this point in the post, I think we all know where this is going…


QUICK. We need to flush the thumb drive! Usually getting to the toilet is a bit of a chore, but not with the MAGIC CLOUD RIDER!


That’s about it for Shrink Ray. Unfortunately the Cloud Rider is disabled in the part where you try to escape Mr. Silva, but overall, I’d say you pretty much butcher this island with the Cloud Rider.

And now give it up for…

Survival Island

In first three episodes, it’s less ‘cheating’ and more ruining the experience. Like in episode 1, you don’t have to worry about your Poptropican freezing when you keep still with the Cloud Rider. Also, collecting items in the first three episodes is a lot easier. It’s a bit hard to explain what I mean, so here’s a video of me casually going through the first scene in episode 1.


DID YOU SEE THAT???? I cleared the entire section in just under a MINUTE–and I wasn’t even trying! You can practically speedrun your way through the first three episodes of survival island with the Cloud Rider. I don’t know about you, but I’d say this is a tad bit broken.

In episode 4, a few things start to happen…

When you are held captive and escape the room, you encounter some measly little security systems. Well guess what? You can fly over them!


So you need to sneak by the chef to collect the piece of steak from the kitchen, eh? Well I have the perfect solution: just fly over her!


That’s all for episode 4! If you thought that wasn’t much, wait until you see what we can do in episode 5.

In episode 5, you have to sneak around, avoid traps and twigs, as well as hide from Van Buren and his dogs. Well guess what–we can avoid all of these factors by flying over everything.

First: the whistle…


Now the rope…


*yawn* and the gear…


and thats LITERALLY all you have to do for episode 5. Collect 3 items, set up a trap, and DONE. With the Cloud Rider, almost all of your movements are inconsequential (the only thing you have to worry about is Van Buren and the dogs spotting you); you could almost do this entire episode in your sleep, in fact, that was so easy even my pet goldfish beat it.

With that over with, it’s time for the next island…

Arabian Nights Island

Episodes 1 and 3 don’t really have anything that you can take advantage of. There’s only one small thing from episode one where when you have to climb to the top of the mine to collect the bag of salt rocks, which requires a bit of brain power to reach. A counselor once told me that I have a brain the size of a fly (true story, she was cool though lol), but look at me now!


“sHiNy WhAt ThE hEcK hApPeNeD tO yOu? yOu’Ve TuRnEd InTo An E-GIRL!” You gotta believe me–I swear, I’m not a lonely grown-man weeaboo married to a waifu pillow who uses anime girlfriend filters on Instagram. Ok, so i am kind of a loner, but in all seriousness that’s one of my alt accounts aka the mythical Mighty Sky I briefly mentioned in my Chronicles of Shiny Bird MPIP i did a while back.

I’m just saying but if you haven’t already, you should probably check it out after this post

I had to restart every island to make the videos for this post work and I didn’t want to leave the islands unfinished on my main account since the unfinished progress bars haunt me in my dreams every time I visit the map, so I decided used my alt accounts instead!

Moving on to episode 2, right off the bat you can avoid all the thieves and breeze your way through the first scene!


For those wondering, that was Golden Rider. don’t say hi: it’s an alt account I don’t care about anymore.

find out why in the Chronicles of Shiny Bird! ok, i’ll stop

HA! Those idiot thieves thought they could trap ME in a cage? Not when I switch into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.


you can also yoink the viper skin, so that’s pretty neat

side note: the game doesn’t let you talk to the other prisoner to obtain the magic sand recipe until you talk to him in the thieves’ disguise.

Waiting for the head thief to move in order to get into the crafting room can be a pain–she has eyes facing the door 95% of the time! But you know what she doesn’t have? Eyes facing the sky!


Finally, near the end when trying to escape the thieves’ lair, you are slowly chased by Tiny (one of the thieves) and bombarded with barrels. Unfortunately for them, they don’t know who they’re messing with; time to take off the kiddie gloves!


That’s all for Arabian nights! There’s nothing that you can benefit from in episode 3, since that’s the episode with the magic carpet. So let’s move on!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the greatest island to ever grace Poptropica! The one and only…

Galactic Hot Dogs

such trash lol

When trying saving Humphree it can be a real pain especially because you have to traverse through a jungle and jump on giant mushrooms on an alien planet.

I should also point out that you usually need to get the fertilizer (guano) to reposition the mushrooms so you can make your way up, but the the Cloud Rider renders it useless. (You also need to find and take the alien fruit in the jungle planet to trade with the chef, which I’ve done in the video)


Now to quickly save Cosmoe–without the hassle of jumping! (and of course grab the seed pod along the way)


Next is to save Princess Dagger! The rocks are usually on the way, and you have to destroy them with the meteors, but not with the Magic Cloud Rider! (I’d also like to mention it is a lot easier to control the meteors you use to destroy the rock trapping Princess Dagger, so that’s pretty neat)


Now finally, near the end of the quest, you have to go through a maze-like room to find three Map-O-Sphere parts… But you can breeze through this section in just seconds!


and so that’s (finally) the end of Galactic Hot Dogs!

None of you will understand the pain I had to endure to get decent footage for this island.

Now the rest of the islands don’t have many cheats (mainly just one each), so from this point on, I’m going to quickly jump through each cheat for the remaining Islands

In Mystery of the Map, you can snatch the gunpowder even while the lookout guard is awake.


didn’t even see it coming

Just as you enter Timmy Failure Island, you can fly up to the scaffolding (which you normally can not do until later on in the quest) and grab the screwdriver and the rope.


Moving on to Virus Hunter, you usually have to get a rope to reach the guy on the roof of one of the buildings on the main street.


Again with virus hunter, when trying to get to Joe to take a picture of him, you usually have to trigger the falafel guy to make his delivery so that you can access the offices in the Globochem building to be able to get to Joe, but this is unnecessary with the Cloud Rider.


The last glitch I encountered is from Poptropicon Episode 1. At some point in the episode, you’ll have to race The Cheetah Bandit to the top of a building to get his necklace… but little does he know.

I’m gonna do what’s called a pro gamer move


didn’t even stand a chance lol

And that’s about all of the glitches/cheats I’ve encountered with the Magic Cloud Rider! Now if you want to test it out for yourself but are afraid it’s too late since it’s retired from the store, there are alternatives to this item…

After doing a bit of searching, I found that it isn’t the first time we have seen an item like the Cloud Rider; In fact, It goes all the way back to 2015 in Arabian Nights Episode 3 with the Magic Carpet item. After testing that out, I found that it has the exact same mechanics as the Magic Cloud Rider (yes, it can go through walls as well!). Digging even further, I found that we have seen re-skins of the Magic Carpet multiple times before with the Witch’s Broom Rider (member gift from October 2019), the Magic Carpet ad prize (from the Aladdin ad from August 2019), the Flying Sleigh (member gift, December 2019), and the Flying Staff (from Owl House ad, December 2019). Basically, having any of these items basically renders you overpowered and you can do all the glitches/cheats from this post. If you don’t have any of these items, you could still obtain them using a (not-so) secret method you can find a link to somewhere in this page from the PHB! (You may have to do a bit of experimenting to actually get the items, though!)

Hint: it may or may not be called iPop

As much as I love the Magic Cloud Rider, I do feel like it does need some regulating, since it could potentially ruin the intended experience of each of the islands I’ve mentioned above, as well as future islands that may come out (just imagine how broken this thing would be in Legendary Swords lol); this could especially hold true if items like the Cloud Ruder are made available to everyone where players new to the game could use it to cheat their way through puzzles/mazes or other challenging parts in current/future islands. Fortunately, the Cloud Rider and the other items like it have (so far) been restricted to members only, so not everyone could get their hands on it. I think the most reasonable solution to this though is to make it so that these flying items are disabled in every island (other than home island). If possible, the developers maybe could try to make it so that the item is disabled up until the player completes the island.

But I don’t know, maybe I’m just over exaggerating the impact this item has on the game lol. If you want you can post your thoughts in the comments below.

So that’s about all I have for this post! Let me tell you this took a really long time to make especially the parts where I had to investigate, replay every island multiple times, and having to record and upload all of the videos. I also had to deal with midterms in college lately which completely sucked the life out of me.

Anyway, the effort to create this post was pretty exhausting, but I am somewhat proud of the way it turned out. I’d like to know, what do you guys think of random super-long posts like this one? Should I keep posts short and simple? (Like that random one I did about my community creations submission) Or do you want to see intergalactic-scaled posts like this one? Either way, I’ll do my best to make sure I deliver only the most high quality garbage posts like this one.

So my fellow Poptropicans,Don’t forget to stay fresh and go CRAZY out there (no too crazy, though!), but most of all: keep on shining!

This is your friendly neighborhood bird signing off,


– Shiny Bird 🦅

Whew! That was a long post! here’s a bit of music to ease off your mind:



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