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some (potential) unnamed story part 0

Yooooooo how’s it going my fellow Poptropicans? It’s me again, this time I’m back with something a little different…

You know how I mentioned a couple of times before that I have a few alternate accounts? Back when I actually cared about them, I played on them obsessively (especially on Mighty Sky). One of the of the things I liked doing with them was to create a lot of costumes. I thought of each of these costumes as different characters, and I had this tradition to come up with a backstory for every one of them. I usually kept it short, restricting it to only one paragraph, but for two of these characters I decided to expand just a little bit more on them.

And if you’re thinking “The Legend Of Ramona,” NO. PLEASE DON’T BRING UP THAT ABOMINATION. PLEASE, I’M BEGGING YOU. THE MEMORIES: RIP IT TO PIECES–BURN IT–CALL IN A NUKE–ANYTHING BUT THAT. While it is an example of one of the longer stories that I came up with, I have no idea why I put this one out in the first place like, I rushed writing the entire thing in one day. A month after submitting it to Community Creations I tried reading it again and could not get past the first page because I realized how bad it actually was; so basically, I wasn’t proud of it.

The story I’m going to be talking about is a different one I tried developing not too long after I made the Legend Of Ramona. It is based off of this costume:

For this particular character, I decided to create a much longer, and more developed story compared to the last one. So I went ahead and created a 10 paged google doc planning and outlining her story. Keep in mind, this is just an outline, not the actual story. I never finished it but it has lingered on the back of my mind for quite a while now. I was thinking maybe since my interest in developing it has resurfaced, I could maybe create a series on it! The only problem I have with this is that I don’t know how long it is going to be. If you know a thing or two about me, you’d understand that this probably means that it’s going to be extremely long. It could last a few months, a year, maybe even more than that, and I know that could end up being a problem. The thing is, I am pretty enthusiastic about it. While I could summarize what it’s going to be about, I feel doing that will kind of ruin the experience. I’d rather have readers paint their own picture from scratch as they read rather than setting an outline for them. Instead, I will give you a little snippet of what I have so far:

It was never her fault. He held his breath. The stock firmly pressed against his shoulder; eyes focused on the sight; The world around him disappearing. And time…






Watch carefully.” He affirmed.

Not one second later, it started falling. Bittersweet. She couldn’t figure out whether to be impressed that it actually hit, or to be saddened by the fact that it had just passed on just like that… There was no warning… so sudden… yet it was done so perfectly. 

He reached his hand out and rested it upon her shoulder 

“Someday, you’re going to learn how to do that.”

The girl, still shaken, kept silent. Gazing upon the lifeless body. It was living then, but what of it now? She wondered. Before she had a chance to give it more thought, she felt his hand rubbing her hair. “Come on little one, what do you say we go catch our next meal?” He smiled, pointing in the direction of the dead animal. Finally, she turned her head towards him and smiled back. “I’ll beat you to it first!” She laughed, dashing across the field. The dad shook his head, still smiling and came after her, “oh now I’m coming for you!” he cried out, laughing. He stumbled across the field, taking clumsy steps, and flailing around. He came after her, all while allowing her to retain the lead.

The heat radiates over their exposed skin. The red grainy sand kicked back as they ran. Their laughter echoed in all directions of the still, dry, and dead air. Empty fields dotted with mere dead bushes and cactus surrounded them. Cliffs, plateaus, and landforms obstructing the view of the far distance. Life was nowhere to be found; no signs of civilization. Among the emptiness, was a girl and her dad out in the middle of nowhere, both tiny and insignificant to the behemoth that is the desert.

Closing in on the target, the girl frantically ran. Soon, the heavy footsteps of the dad could be heard pounding behind her, getting noticeably louder by the second. It was anybody’s game. The girl begins stressing her torso as her dad becomes visible from the corner of her eye. Just as the girl finished, the dad whimsically tripped and fell face first, biting the dust. The girl giggled. 

“Aw man! Beat me again?” the father uttered enthusiastically.

 “And she remains undefeated! yeahhhhh!” She cheered triumphantly, jumping in celebration. The dad got up, cheering and jumping along with her.

“Alright little one” he said, still laughing

“Let’s head back home.” He rubbed the girl’s hair for a brief second and turned around. He lifted his right hand and pressed it against his mouth. He blew, creating a loud whistle that rippled through the air. In the distance, a brown figure could be seen galloping towards them. Behind it, a cloud of red dust amassed, creating a trail. As it approached, the father stood in front of it.

“easy there.” He commanded, lifting both his hands. The horse came to a halt. Father lifted up the girl and placed her atop the horse. He climbed up with her, adjusting his feet on the stirrups, and lifting the bridle.

“Hold on tight for me will ya?” He advised.

“Pshhhhh. Please, like how you did last time when you flew off the horse after trying to impress mo–

“YAH!” The father shouted, interrupting the girl. Upon hearing this, the horse neighed and took off, catching the girl off guard.

“AH!” The girl squealed. She instinctively wrapped her hands around Father as tight as she could.

“What was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of–OW!” The girl hit him in the back.

“Don’t do that to me, dad!” She chuckled.

“Alright, I guess I deserved I deserved that, but do listen carefully next time, It won’t be long before I teach you to ride one of these. This stubborn horse can be quite unpredictable!” He laughed. What followed was a minute of silence. Father slightly turned his head, knowing what was about to come.

“Dad, when are you gonna come back when you leave tomorrow?” the girl asked, with raspiness in her voice.

“I don’t know yet…” He paused.

“I have a lot of work ahead of me… The people I work with have high standards, and sometimes they become a bit reckless… Not many people respect us for what we do… But it pays well, and it at least keeps all of us alive.” The girl, confused on what was said, kept silent.

If whatever he does keeps us alive, then it should be a good thing, right? The girl thought. But the uneasiness in his voice made her uncertain. The girl looked back. The sun resting on the horizon. But a small black dot on the sand caught her eye… It just laid there…



YOOOOOOO–Welcome back to REALITY. I know, I hate it here too but ANYWAY. that was a little preview of my little story I’ve been working on lately! I know, I’m sorry, the style is completely different from what I do in this blog; I’ve probably made about 75% of you fall asleep. The beginning is a bit slow, but I promise, the pace will pick up later on.

This series is unofficial, as it currently stands it is experimental (which is why I named this post part 0). The thing is, want to hear what you guys think about it! Do you want to see this become a series? Is this the type of content you want to see in the near future? Let me know what you think in the comments! Criticism is also welcome, so don’t be afraid that I’ll cry in my sleep about it: I do it all the time! Note that if this series does become official, chances are, it’s going take a while in between parts, as I still have a lot of planning and developing to do.

Also I’d like to mention that I’ve realized that my previous post didn’t exactly do so well. It was a weird little experiment to see if people would like random, super-long, investigative-type of posts over something pointless. The idea was that I would try to make it entertaining to read as opposed to being serious over minor details of the game (that not many players would get to experience anyway). Admittedly, I didn’t do that good of a job primarily due to how long and repetitive it was; It also made me a bit stressed out, so based off of that, you won’t be seeing any more of that kind of content… anyway

My fellow Poptropicans, Don’t forget to stay fresh and go CRAZY out there (but not too crazy, though!) But most of all: keep on shining!

This is your friendly neighborhood bird signing off,


–Shiny Bird 🦅

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