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one month anniversary/unnamed story pt. 0.5

one month anniversaryyyyyyyyy!

Pogs in the chat boys.

I got a notification on March 9th from WordPress telling me that last month on February 9th, 2020 I made, and I quote, “one of the greatest decisions of my life” and officially launched this website on public domain. If I’m being honest with you, I still haven’t figured out how I decided to run a blog based on a dying kids game. Sure, I still love Poptropica, but to start a blog on it? That’s too much of a responsibility! You wanna know happened the last time I was held responsible for something? One day my parents decided to buy me a Goldfish, and my job was to feed it!…








it died the next day

Anyway, the thing that was holding me back was the fact that 99 percent of the Poptropica community had no idea who I was, plus most of them have community-veteran status and stuck with the game way longer than I have. It just seemed weird to start a blog at that time, and it felt like my odds of gaining any traction was little to none. So was I gonna come out of nowhere, rise from the dead, start a blog, get on my knees and beg for senpai to notice me?–


Overall, it seemed like a far-fetched and too ambitious of an idea.

Another factor that made me hesitate to start this blog was that I realized I was generating questions faster than I was coming up with answers: What do I write about? How do I make myself stand out? What can I do that other people haven’t already done? How do you make a website? What the heck. Why is my roommate looking at my computer screen? Wait– WHY IS MY ROOMMATE IS LOOKING AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN? I know people are gonna ask, so here’s how that conversation went:

“YoOoOoo what’s up?”

“Sup bro, what game are you playing?”

“Oh nothing really, It’s this cool little game called Poptropica.”

“Never heard of it.”

WHAT. You’ve NEVER heard of Poptropica?


“Bruh, P-O-P-T-R-O-P-I-C-A–Poptropica. It’s this crazy online RPG set on an alternate dimension where you jump across time to restore the balance of the universe.”

“Oh, sounds cool. I’ll probably check it out some time.”

What? I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description on what the game is about. Also,

he didn’t have to know about the part where I’m an adult that plays an outdated kids game.

In the month it has existed, this blog has suffered 147 hits. So I just wanted to say: great job guys, keep up the abuse!–

You know, it’s kind of funny now that I think about it because more than half of those hits came from me.

And here you can see I hit my own blog 87 times before I even published it

Admittedly, one month isn’t a lot of time, but so far, things have been looking pretty decent. As you can tell from the picture, I don’t get a lot of visitors; which is ok! It just makes me happy to see that there are people out there who check out my blog from time to time; so big thanks to the few who have been there with me!

It is also worth mentioning that this blog has personally given me a much needed place to write, let my voice be heard, let out some of my thoughts, and overall just have a good time with it (Though, I know my sense of humor probably doesn’t appeal to all of you, haha). The blog also gave me something more interesting to do in my free time (other than play video games all day lol), which I’d say is a win!

The next blog anniversary is going to be set at the 1-year mark, which is a time I cannot begin to wrap my head around. I don’t know, I just think anything could happen within that timeframe, but I am hopeful for the best, and am looking forward to continue blogging! Within this time, I am hoping to make my posts a bit more consistent and am looking into starting up some series so in the event I run out of ideas I won’t vanish for another 12 months lol. I also notice that some my rambling has gotten a bit out of hand at times; I realized that it has drifted posts wayyyyy out of context, and extends them to an unnecessary amount. This also caused me to say some weird things, some of which I regret. Just to put it out there, I have gone back and changed as well as cut down some parts of my previous posts (especially the longer ones). From now on, I am going to be easing it down a bit.

Now for part two of this post!

I’ve recently finished up the next part of the story I posted about earlier this week. And I wanted to see you think! Before we begin, I want to mention a few things about this story that I should have done in the original post: Firstly, I should have warned that the story will likely include content and cover some ideas that may not be suitable for a younger demographic (don’t worry, there won’t be anything explicit); The stories I enjoy writing are more realistic than fantasy, and can get a bit intense; even violent. Because this is a blog based on a kids game, I will do my best to make these parts as subtle as possible and will soften it a bit (that is, if it won’t affect the story). Secondly, other than the fact that it was inspired by a costume I created in Poptropica, the story has nothing to do with the game. So unfortunately, you won’t be seeing any familiar faces or whatnot. If the series does not do well on this blog or for whatever reason needs to be stopped, I will continue the project on my own and if I feel its ok, I will release the story on this blog in its entirety once it’s finished. So without further ado, here is part 0.5 of unnamed story!

She stood anxiously by the entrance, staring up into space; listening intently. A full moon was peeking out of the night skies to back her up; behind it, an army of stars. Despite this, she grew more nervous by the minute, and crossed her arms in defense. She wasn’t going to give up, but all she could do was wait.

She waited…



and waited…





and waited…







Then, she heard it:

Thuh-duh-dum, thuh-duh-dum, thuh-duh-dum, thuh-duh-dum–

She perked up, and not a moment later, Maya and Father rounded the corner charging valiantly at her. She let out a sigh of relief, and rushed at them.

“Thank goodness you’re back! Where have you two been?” She called out worriedly. Father dismounted the horse, and helped Maya down. He then started to lead the horse to his stable, with mother and Maya following him

“Good to see you too honey! We were just riding around the desert.” He smiled, leaning in to kiss her; but she was not amused.

“Nothing else?” She asked quickly, with skepticism

“Yes–” he replied just as fast

“So all you did was ride around?–”


“In a horse?–”

“One-hundred percent–”

“For seven and a half hours?” She pointed towards the horse, who was clearly not tired. Father was pressured to come up with something fast. To buy some time, he put the horse into the stable and locked it in.

“Uh, well… We stopped a few times along the way… hung around annnnnd… I even showed her some constellations!” He smiled nervously at Maya.

“Oh that sounds wonderful!” Mother exclaimed sarcastically. “Maya, show us where Leo is!” She turned towards Maya who seemed anxious.

“Um, of course mom! Leo the Lion! The Nemean lion killed by Hercules according to Greek Mythology! I know exactly what you’re talking about. So to demonstrate my newly acquired knowledge, I am about to point you to its exact location in the night sky!…” Maya turned around away from Mother, facing Father, and tilted her head up toward the sky. Keeping her head up, she shifted her eyes towards Father and widened them, signaling to him that she needed back-up. Seeing this, Father gave her slight hand gestures to help her out.

“Right. Okay! Now check it–”

“You have 10 seconds.” Mother grew impatient.

“No problem! You find the big ladle–Ursa Major… And then on the bottom end… you go down… and… find the triangle… which is the tail… You know you have the right one if you see… the curve?–No! The sickle!” Maya turned around and smiled proudly at Mother, who seemed indifferent. Maya noted this and threw in a last ditch effort.

“Come on, mom! It was a lot of fun! We rode around, climbed on top of some cliffs… a-as the sun set we started a campfire! We eve–”

“Show me the southern cross.” Mom interrupted, still unphased.

“Southern wha–I mean, ah yes! I know this! I’m going to turn around so I can show you where it is–annnnnnnnd here we go! now watch closely as I move my finger in this direction…” Maya again turned around in false confidence and faced the sky, but when she eyed Father he coughed as to warn her against it.

“Go inside Maya” Mother ordered, staring angrily at Father.

“Okay!” Maya rushed inside the shack without protest. As she walked away, Father shouted to her,

“Maya! Remember I told you that you can’t see the southern cross unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!”

Maya turned her head back and mouthed the words good luck, knowing he was screwed by this point. She disappeared inside the shack, but stood behind the doorway, listening in. Once Mother was confident Maya was gone, she began:

“Tell me the truth, what did you guys do?” 

“Honey, we didn’t do anything! All we did was hang around with each other. She even said it herself–we had a good time!” Father responded desperately

“Really? So then what’s with the gun?”

“You know I always bring it with me! Anything could happen out there.” Mother wasn’t satisfied, so she stomped towards him and forcibly took the rifle slung around his back. She unloaded it, and grabbed it by the barrel, holding the end up to her nose.

“Funny, is that gunpowder I smell?”


“and a missing bullet in the magazine. How curious!”

“I can explain–”

“You know, I wonder if that had something to do with the loud bang I heard a few hours ago.” This caused Father to choke. He rubbed his face with one hand and sighed. He looked around. The moon and stars surrounded him. There was nothing he could do. He had to submit. Finally, he turned to her with defeated eyes, ready to meet his fate.

“Alright, I used the gun… I hit a bird.” He confessed, with dread in his voice.

“You did what?” She widened her eyes

“I used the gun!” he raised his voice a little.

“No, no. You used the gun, and hit a bird.” She stated in disbelief.

“Yes. I did.”

“In front of her?”

“Yes! I did it in front of her! I just wanted to show her–” He paused for a second, getting noticeably frustrated. “We have to eventually teach her!” He continued.

“No no no–I will not allow this. We agreed we won’t influence her like this!”

“Honey, what do you think we’re doing out here? We can’t keep raising her to be a sitting duck!”

“All I want for her is to live a normal life! Is that too much to ask for?”

“Normal life? Normal LIFE? You call this normal? Being out here in the middle of nowhere? Putting her in isolation? We aren’t living honey, we are hiding and it will find us–I’m urging you, we have to prepare her!”

“Enough!” Mother cried. Silence fills the air. Meanwhile, Maya’s chest tenses. She could not begin to process everything she had just heard. What were they hiding from? And what were her parents holding back from her? She has lived her whole life in this barren wasteland with them, and everything should be fine, but as time goes by the questions just keep piling on; and now it’s weighing her down. She is now breathing heavily, and both Mother and Father can hear her. Father stared at Mother in horror hoping to not have to continue, but she stared back in disgust.

“I can’t take anymore of this. I’m tired of having the same conversation with you over and over again.” Mother intensified.

“Honey I–”

I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT. JUST GO.” She barked at him. Out of nowhere, the horse neighed in annoyance, surprising the two. Father tried looking at Mother, but she refused to make eye contact, opting to stare at the ground instead. Without any options left, he surrendered, retreating towards the shack. Despite the battle being over, Mother held her position, with her arms still crossed in defense. Her face sours, and she begins crying softly.

Before Father made it inside, Maya hurried her way into her room towards the back end of the crumbling shack. She pushed open the wood door, which creaks as she opened it. She carefully closed it behind her, and lay on her bed. She covered herself up with a blanket, and closed her eyes to make it seem like she was asleep. Seconds later, the door begins opening slowly, almost hesitantly. The door was now wide open, But Father just stood by it, almost like he was second guessing himself. Finally, Father entered the room.

“I know you’re awake.” He spoke aloud. Maya shuffled to face him.

“Dude, how do you always know?” She asked in disbelief.

“You always sleep with the night light on.” Father pointed at the candle that lay on top of the drawer next to her bed, which was burnt out.

“Oh, right.” She opened the drawer, took the matchbox inside, picked out a match, struck it on fire, and carefully lit the candle. Father continued,

“Look, I just want to tell you, I’m sorry about what happened today. I shouldn’t have used the gun… I hope I didn’t scare you with it.” This wasn’t what she was hoping to hear, but she went along with it anyway.

“It’s fine, Father.” 

“Are you sure?… You seemed awfully quiet after I shot it down.” Maya instantly froze. It fell helplessly. Flailing around like a rag doll. It could fly, but it allowed itself to slam to the ground. Why? And the way it just laid there… still… motionless… And the silence… The deep and awful silence. It did not cry… Like it somehow couldn’t. What happened to it? What’s going to happen to it now? Wha–

“Maya?” Father spoke.

“Huh?” She snapped back into reality, looking frantically around the room.

“Well?” He waited. Maya’s stomach dropped, and her face burned red as she realized what had happened. She attempted a recovery,

“Oh–my bad… I’m fine… I’m just a little tired right now.” She sheepishly said, trying to act it out, but failing miserably.

“Okay, I’m just making sure.” Father sounded relieved, as if disregarding her troubled voice. Father stepped up towards Maya

“Good night my little one.” Father softly spoke.

“You too, Father.” He leaned in and rubbed her head. Suddenly, he came in closer and kissed her on the cheek. Something he rarely does…

He knew.

He rose up, and began silently stepping away. He headed out of the room, slowly closing the door behind him. When Father left Maya kept her eyes open. She stared blankly at the ceiling. thinking. What”s going on with Father?

Soon, she could hear someone entering the house. Their footsteps were soft and delicate. It was Mother. She and Father were in the same room, but they continued about their business as if refusing to acknowledge each other’s presence. Soon, A pair of footsteps was getting increasingly louder. Someone was coming. Maya instantly shut her eyes, and moments later the door could be heard slowly creaking open. The door was now wide open, but there were no footsteps…

They just stood there and watched.

That’s it for part 0.5! I know the two parts so far have been short, and not much has happened; but everything that you have seen so far is just the prologue–we haven’t even scratched the surface of what this thing is going to be about, so sit tight.

Anyway, I think I’m going to cut it off here. If you have any thoughts, don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I would especially like to hear what you think about the story so far.

So my fellow Poptropicans, don’t forget to stay fresh and go CRAZY out there (not too crazy, though!) but most of all: keep on shining!

This is your friendly neighborhood bird signing off, peace.

– Shiny Bird 🦅

Cue the mixtape


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One thought on “one month anniversary/unnamed story pt. 0.5

  1. In regard to the fish story, something similar happened to me, except it was related to a plant.

    Now when my younger sister got herself a bean plant, she took really good care of it. It was surviving for I think 2 weeks, maybe almost 3.

    So I was in charge of watering it one day. (Keep in mind that I am more than 5 years older than my sister, so I should be more responsible than her)

    It died.

    I must of drowned it or something. I guess I don’t have a green thumb.


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